German nobility titles for sale

The story of the German Nobility, correctly referred to using its original name Adel, is one that started centuries ago and was all but ended on the 11th August with the formation of the Weimar Republic. For hundreds of years, various historic entities, from the Holy Roman Empire to the German Confederation and ultimately the German Empire, had bestowed Noble Titles on individuals.

However, with the formation of the Weimar Republic, all legal privileges of the royalty and nobility were abolished, with no further Noble Titles conferred by the Federal Republic of Germany. The status of the German Noble Titles is immense. This is why, even today, wealthy industrialists eager to move up through the ranks of society are prepared to spend lavish amounts of money to obtain these titles, with a view to arranging powerful marriage alliances. In the past, German Noble Titles were owned by very powerful figures such as members of the Electoral College of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, or distinguished landowners, high-ranking military officers and Prussian Junkers.

Many German title owners possessed immense feudal estates near the eastern borders of the empire, such as the Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, the Baltic Countries or Ukraine and Romania.

german nobility titles for sale

With a belief in their own superiority, German Nobles were traditionally rich and powerful, benefiting from the respect that this afforded them, as well as the reputation established by their ancestors, when it came to advancing their agendas. The oldest and most common German Noble Title were Baronies - a title that had close military ties, with many young Barons choosing the duty and honour of a military career.

German Count and Prince titles are also available, but naturally, these are much scarcer and have a higher intrinsic value due to their rarity and position in the aristocratic hierarchy. Our resources and research capabilities are unrivalled when it comes to sourcing genuine, hereditary German titles for our clients, and securing their proper and legal transfer. Genuine German Noble Titles represent an incredible opportunity for discerning individuals with an appreciation for their history and exclusivity.

Find out more about the available German titles below. Contact us today to secure your very own German Noble Title. Simply complete the enquiry form in the sidebar or get in touch with our Geneva office directly between We advise you to analyse this carefully and contact us at your earliest convenience, as this offer at this price is only possible due to unexpected circumstances and it is not likely to last due to the exceptionally good price of the offer.

If you want the practical advantages, prestige and personal benefit associated with the ownership of a title and belonging to the feudal aristocracy, this is a very good occasion to do so. Time is of the essence. This offer expires next March when it will be deleted from our website.

Please contact us and enquire. Germanic County ready for conveyancing. A really old and ancient Feudal Title.As part of our normal operations, we maintain a programme of continuous research into French, German and Italian Feudal History. In consequence, we quickly learn if a French, Italian or German noble title is to become available for disposition in these countries, and we are well qualified to assess both intrinsic historic value and the validity of a transfer.

Therefore, we locate and research Feudal and Noble titles that may be acquired for our clients. Individuals wishing to acquire Ancient Baronies, Lordships and other Feudal and Noble Titles may have many reasons for doing so. These can range from those with French, German or Italian ancestral links who wish to cement their ties with a particular European region, to those who find them useful for social, charity or business purposes. Some clients find that a Barony might be a sound financial investment, as it might be sold later for a margin, but most just like the idea of being part of maintaining and helping preserve history.

The fee is refunded in full if we fail to present our client with the name of a title. If the client decides to go ahead and acquire the title through us, the research fee is always deducted from the final price. French, German and Italian Noble and Feudal Titles may be included on the passports of most countries and ought to be included in all legal documents such as Debit and Credit Cards, Chequebooks, and Bank documents.

We always produce solid documentation to support these changes. However, it is always good to check previously with your own government agency. If you were to acquire, for example, The Ancient Barony of Versailles this is a name just for illustrative purposesthe style chosen would be either William Smith, Baron of Versailles or William Smith of Versailles, or simply The Baron of Versailles.

All the Baronies are inheritable and transmissible to your heirs. The titles of Baron are usually the most ancient in France, Italy and Germany. We trust you will find the above of interest and we would be very pleased to hear from you and provide you with any further information you may require.If you wish to become a Lord or Lady today then this article contains important information you will want to read!

german nobility titles for sale

The safest route and the oldest trick in the book to become a Lord or Lady is just to buy a Lord or Lady Title. It is a great alternative, and we have the largest collection of titles for sale on the internet.

Read "How to become a Lord or Lady". Success starts with a different attitude to life. Titles may not be for everyone, and we are the first in understanding this. If you are one of those winners that never quits, have a rooted interest in royalty, traditional attitudes, and like the essential spirit of the nobility, you may be one of those privileged ones who wants and needs to buy a title of nobility. We have an extensive selection of top titles for sale. All our titles are unique, genuine, proven, hereditary, valuable, acclaimed and essential.

A priceless Treasure! Since diversity is the spice of life, our portfolio is comprised of 19 different titles for sale, the subtle sign of success. Read more about "Titles for sale". Open Menu. Close Menu.Nobility titles are often defined as genuine when a ruling monarch or prince has appointed them. Large numbers of ancient noble and feudal titles originate from France or Italy, but we sell genuine German titles and medals as nobility packages, because they are rare and widely sought after.

British Titles & Honours

The recognition and meaning of titles varies throughout different countries, but in the UK regulations governing titles and other such honours are often formally instituted by letters patent, or royal warrant which is signed by the monarch, and in most cases is countersigned by a minister to signify that ministerial advice has been taken upon appointing the title or honouree. The genuine German royal titles and medals we sell come in a luxurious package folder, French-Baltic antique style, containing hand signed letters patent with the magnificent golden seal of the kingdom.

A title of nobility can be defined as fake when it is not recognised by any government, even in parts of the world where titles of nobility still exist. In the UK a genuine British title cannot be bought, and such a transaction would be breaking the law under the Honours Prevention of Abuses Act This means that anyone who has purchased a British title has committed a crime.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers will a trustworthy service, which is why we only sell German nobility titles. British citizens can purchase these titles and use them in the UK, not only because they are genuine but also because UK and International Laws allow it. Be wary of any source that suggests otherwise. Real genuine British titles include peerages, baronetcies, knighthoods, lairdships, manorial lairdships and Scottish feudal baronies.

These titles cannot be purchased or used anywhere in the world, legally, without the consent of Her Majesty. For many people it can be hard to know the difference between a genuine title and a fake title, which is admittedly one of the reasons why people buy them — to impress impressionable people.

However, for professionals, it takes very little research to spot the difference.

Genuine Titles For Sale

You can trust that our German titles are genuine as they come with a hand signed and sealed certificate of authenticity. You also get an ancient map of the Livonian Empire, as well as a secret Templar Oath, which too has a golden seal of the Kingdom.

Our German nobility titles and medals are hereditary, and we are the only ones in the world selling them. Although purchasing one of our nobility titles will not get you a seat in the House of Lords, it will provide you with an array of benefits, depending on how you use your new title and to what extent.

Some of our title buyers use us as a source of amusement, providing titles as comical gifts for their loved one. Others use it to further their career or climb the social ladder to join the elites. We have a wide range of people visiting our site each day, and each individual has a unique reason for purchasing a nobility title. We believe one of the main reasons for buying titles with us is the added advantage of being able to flaunt your new name on bank cards, passports, chequebooks and more.

Do you fancy a nice Royal or Noble Title? Find out how you can! German Noble Titles. Share this on WhatsApp. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Search for:.For centuries, monarchs across Europe have granted Noble Titles of all ranks to family members, politicians, military heroes, and artists.

Many of these titles survive to this day - some are even available to purchase. Acquiring a genuine Noble Title is something that naturally appeals to those who have the means to buy them. The perfect title can give you a sense of historical belonging. It can be a great way to honour your ancestors and provide a unique inheritance for your descendants.

Your title could even be beneficial for business, or just be a great way to enhance your self-esteem. Whatever your reasons for wanting to acquire a genuine, hereditary European Noble Title, we are the experts in this field. Ostlichter LTA provides the most detailed historical and genealogical research combined with the highest quality legal services to help clients all over the world acquire some of the most valuable and prestigious French, Italian and German Feudal and Noble Titles for sale in Continental Europe.

Our expert service is highly sought after because we have always been able to obtain exceptionally valuable Titles of Nobility with highly distinguished provenance for our clients. With over 40 years experience, the combination of our extensive private library and modern in-house database provides us with access to the most comprehensive list of Nobility and Feudal Titles in France, Italy and Germany - including rare, prestigious and valuable ranks that other providers are simply unable to secure.

Our respect and understanding of the world of Nobility and the depth of our resources means we are able to focus on matching clients to titles, not the other way round - so you receive a service that is tailored to your personal requirements. Titles can be identified to meet a range of client requirements, including finding titles by ancestral surnames, geographic location, specific ranks other providers are unable to find, titles granted for specific reasons or to specific types of individuals, from a specific era in history or granted by a particular monarch.

Instead, you benefit from the perfect combination of historical knowledge and scientific research to identify a title that is as individual and relevant to you as possible. Your Noble Title is an investment that should be the result of an informative, enjoyable and professional process - at Nobility Titles, we pride ourselves on offering our clients all over the world just that. We believe each client is unique, with unique requirements we are committed to meeting.

All the titles we recommend are fully-researched, genuine, hereditary titles, with proven historical authenticity. These titles are conveyed in line with the appropriate civil and international law, and the law of their respective countries of origin. Our guarantee is to provide genuine, historic Noble Titles, legally and permanently acquired for you.

Our unmatched knowledge of Noble Titles and their legal transfer provides clients with confidence and exceeds expectations through every stage of the process - which is why many of our clients enjoy working with us so much they often return to commission additional titles and research services.

German Nobility Titles for Sale

After commissioning us to research suitable titles matching your criteria, within days you are presented with a comprehensive report on the title we have located for you, with researched-backed information and a level of detail that is the best in the industry. All the information you will be provided with - from the name of the title, when it was granted and by which monarch, to the context of why it was granted, its geographical location and our expert appraisal of its intrinsic value - allows you to gain a complete understanding of the history and significance of your title, providing everything you need to make your purchase decision.

Once you decide to proceed, our state of the art process of research and acquisition of Noble Titles always culminates with a legally valid transfer, with all the legal requirements dealt with by European solicitors with expertise in Nobility law, to ensure a successful outcome.In our wonderful retro-vintage site you will find unique and exclusive Royal Titles for Sale at an unbeatable price.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, a once in a lifetime chance to change your life and improve it by acquiring and obtaining something that the others do not have. Also, our Royal Titles have a very nice vintage flavour, of grandeur, antiquity and prestige, and all the Royal Titles are inheritable, and available both for males and females.

Our legal and effective inheritable titles with regalia are some of the best on the net. If you feel ready for this life-changing adventure, please come to us and be part of our ever growing family and community. The words distinction, education, good behaviour and class always come to mind when speaking of Ladies. We do not know whether a German Title of Lady will change your life for good or not.

But we do know that it is always good to have something that no one else has. And this alone would be a good reason to buy. History is full of famous Lords and Ladies. One of the most famous ladies of the Germanic world is Sissi, nickname for Elizabeth, Empress of Austria, and one of the most famous women of the world, always surrounded of an aura of romanticism and mystery never seen before.

The Germanic Titles of Lady are very interesting, as they relate to a hauntingly beautiful and romantic world almost forgotten. When you acquire one of our Lady Titles in our wonderful retro-vintage site, you will enjoy a time-travelling experience and discover a new world. We are talking of a world of deep green forests where beautiful women rode horses, wore black velvet capes, and was common to assist to masked balls in snowy and mysterious castles, and dance all the night under the light of candles, fires and magnificent chandeliers with handsome and decadent officers of the Imperial Armies.

So, yes, indeed, our titles of Lady are very romantic, and reminiscent of a glorious past that should not be forgotten. If you feel particularly interested in this world of wonderful Germanic world of central and eastern European Ladies and Princesses, we recommend that you read this.

We are here not only to sell titles, but we are also here to show you and prove you that a magnificent world has existed before us, and this is a way of honouring it. These titles are wonderful gifts for everyone. A Kiss, by Konstantin Andreyevich Somov, A lady Kissing a Lord under the ivy of a mysterious conservatory in Central-Eastern Europe, at the beginning of world war I.

They are very romantic, prestigious and an impressive addition to a collector of titles, honours, and retro-vintage medals. Always come with our top-quality neck medal, and all our full documentation pack, containing the most luxurious pack on the net.

german nobility titles for sale

An opportunity not to be missed. Oh, yes, the always fashionable and nearly immortal titles of Baron and Baroness, the most famous German title ever!Quite simply and with only a few mouse clicks, we offer you the opportunity for the purchase of a nobility title.

All our offered titles are legally sanctioned to carry. Delve into the subject and have fun with the clever idea for yourself or as an off-the-wall gift to your friends and get your hands on a prestigious nobility title. Our nobility titles all come with their respective heraldry, meaning you will enjoy wearing the respective crest designed by us or you may change it to match your own preferences. We will be happy to assist you with the graphic design. With your nobility title, you receive a personalised certificate of bestowal, documenting all historic details and title transfer.

In addition, you will receive detailed material for information purposes and lots of detailed information specifically relating to your title.

The content of each individual title category can be found in the various product descriptions. To purchase a nobility title from us means a lot more, though — we offer plenty of information and support. A nobility title purchased from us may be worn and displayed, either on business cards, credit cards, letterheads or door signs. Even entry on your ID card is possible under certain circumstance. We have set up a special rubric for information bearing on the purchase of a nobility title and its being listed on your ID card.

Following purchase of our nobility title, you may use it without adding your last name, the use is legally protected. You also may use the name in public. We wish you lots of fun in discovering the story behind our nobility titles and look forward to the time of your purchase.

Noble Titles for Sale

Distinguish Yourself by Buying Your Own Nobility Title Many people dream of joining a privileged group and receiving special treatment without realizing that there is a simple way to do it: buying nobility titles. If you want to bring honor to your name and enter an elite group that few people ever join, buying a title is the perfect choice. Skip to content.

german nobility titles for sale

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